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The Alphabet

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Family Members and Pronouns

  • Free online textbook here; Lesson One (Урок Один)

  • Pronoun flash cards on Quizlet (Matching game)

  • Learn how to say hello and goodbye along with personal pronouns in this podcast episode

      • Bonus: This episode of the podcast comes with a free printable worksheet available on the linked site!

  • Essential family member flash cards on Memrise

  • Word search puzzle with family and people vocabulary available here

  • Listening quiz on family members here

  • Learn words for family members in Ukrainian and say "I have" in this podcast

  • Try out these two dialogues to practice your speaking skills!

  • Learn how to introduce your family members in Ukrainian as well as possessive pronouns in this podcast episode

  • Link to the textbook exercise on family members, plurals, and masculine, feminine, and neuter nouns.

  • Vocabulary booster! This podcast episode contains all the family members you could ever ask for

  • Bonus: Are you meeting Ukrainian parents for the first time? Get prepared here

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Numbers 1-20

  • Learn to count to 20 in Ukrainian and pronounce the vowel и here

  • Here is a great Youtube video!

  • This texbook exercise begins to introduce numbers 1-10 and builds on the previous module.

  • This textbook module covers numbers 11-20 and introduces countries and nationalities.

  • Flash cards on Quizlet (Matching game)

  • Quizlet test on numbers 1-20

  • Crossword puzzles on numbers 1-10 and 11-20

  • These two flashcard sets will teach you how to pronounce numbers 1-20.

  • This website has a fun tool that lets you put in a number and see how it is written in Ukrainian! Can you guess how the number will be written out before you hit "submit" yet?

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Numbers 21-1000

  • Numbers 20-100, plus important questions like, "How much does it cost?" in this podcast

  • Learn to pronounce numbers 21-1000 and beyond with these two flashcard sets! (Starts at 10)

  • Learn numbers 100-1000 and how to say your phone number in this podcast

  • Ready to watch another Youtube video? :)

  • Learn to talk in the dative case by learning how to say your age in this textbook lesson! (Introduces numbers above 20.)

  • This textbook lesson also deals with large numbers and talks about how to give a phone number in Ukrainian.

  • In this unit of the textbook, you will learn ordinal numbers and how to tell time!

  • This website will quiz you on what you've learned so far!

  • You can review what you've learned about numbers here!

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Food and Drink

  • Flash card madness! Essential vocabulary flash cards on Memrise: 1 2 3 4 5

  • Vocabulary booster! Food and drink podcast here

  • Cultural cuisine - 10 must-try foods in this podcast

  • Here is a fun quiz you can take to test your vocabulary!

  • This fun video game has you destroy asteroids while you study the names of foods!

  • Can you solve this ultimate word search puzzle?

  • Discover a family business in this video

  • This short documentary about the spread of Ukrainian cuisine might interest you!

      • It's largely in Ukrainian, but try to listen and see what you can pick up. The subtitles can be changed from Ukrainian to English in the video settings if you want!

  • This chapter of the textbook covers food and drink vocabulary, as well as the accusative and genitive cases, adverbs, and adjectives. Whew! That's a lot!

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At the Coffee Shop/Restaurant

  • Learn useful phrases to practice one of the most common conversations here

  • This podcast goes into further detail and gives you insight into gender in Ukrainian as well as Ukrainian coffee culture!

  • Learn about the instrumental case and perfective and imperfective verbs in this chapter of the textbook

  • A few listening exercises! 1 2 3

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